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During your dinner reception I will play soft background “elevator” style music so you and your guests can enjoy a light and pleasant atmosphere.

After dinner I offer 2 music play formats:

  1. A mix of oldies through today’s popular music both for slow dances and high energy fast moving feet.
    *This would include specialty dances: Electric Slide, Macarena, Chicken Dance, Hokey Pokey (Options available not to play any or all) Most of my clients prefer to choose their genres.
  2. A club-only format where I play nothing but club and dance music all night long (with the exception of your first dance, mother/son and father/daughter dances ect.

I offer 2 MCee Options

  1. I can do all of your announcements for you
  2. I allow your own designated person to handle your announcements

Along with the music I have invested a lot of money into the most elaborate lighting system for mobile work. You will feel like you are at a real night club.

There are 4 Main Packages that I offer:

  1. Music Only (Most affordable)
  2. Music and Light (Most popular)
  3. Music and Magic Only (Entertain guests who don’t like to dance)
  4. Music, Magic & Lights (Highest premium package)

My Rate Philosophy
Unlike some of my competitors, I never ever charge for set up and tear down time! I only charge from the time I start spinning until the last song is over. I charge hourly rates only. No added fees.